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Travel Health News Digest (31 December 2011)

Mainland: Avian Influenza, human

The Centre for Health Protection (CHP) of the Department of Health received notification from the Ministry of Health (MoH) on December 30 concerning a suspected human case of influenza A (H5N1) Avian Influenza in Shenzhen.

The patient was a 39-year-old man living in Shenzhen. He developed symptoms on December 21 and was admitted to a hospital on December 25 because of severe pneumonia. The man had no travel history or contact with poultry before the onset of symptoms.

The CHP is maintaining close liaison with the Guangdong Department of Health to obtain more information on the case.

For more information, please refer to Centre for Health Protection website.
(Source: Centre for Health Protection 30 December 2011)


China: Poliomyelitis

The number of Poliomyelitis cases reached 20 in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region since an outbreak was confirmed in August 2011.
(Source: Promed Mail 18 December 2011)


Pakistan: Poliomyelitis

Pakistan officials confirmed 6 new Poliomyelitis cases on 15 December, bringing the total number of polio-infected children to 173 cases.
(Source: Promed Mail 18 December 2011)


Indonesia: Dengue fever

An ongoing outbreak of Dengue Fever in western Indonesia has killed at least 27 people in the past 2 months, hundreds more have been affected.  
(Source: ProMED-mail 19 December 2011)


Malaysia: Dengue fever

In Malaysia, Dengue Fever cases have shown an increase over the last 9 weeks. A total of 486 cases were reported between 4 and 10 Dec 2011. But the total number of case from January to December 2011 was lower than same period last year.  
(Source: ProMED-mail 19 December 2011)


Egypt: Avian Influenza

The Ministry of Health and Population of Egypt has notified WHO one more case of human Avian Influenza A H5N1 virus infection. The 29-year-old male had onset of symptoms on 8 December and died on 19 December.
(Source: WHO 21 December 2011)


Kenya: Ebola

A 29-year-old female suddenly started bleeding and died on 21 December 2011 in Kenya. She was suspected to have Ebola haemorrhagic fever. Test result is pending.
(Source: Promed Mail 22 December2011)



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