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Travel Health News Digest (20 September 2010)

Philippines: Black Travel Alert

Following the hostage taking incident in the Philippines which had caused casualties, the Hong Kong SAR Government has raised the Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) for the Philippines to Black. Hong Kong residents are urged to avoid all travel to the Philippines. Those already there should attend to their personal safety and stay alert.

For more information, please visit the OTA webpage.

(Source: Security Bureau, Government of Hong Kong SAR 23 August 2010)


India: Amber Travel Alert

In view of a recent shooting incident involving tourists in New Dehli, India, the Hong Kong SAR Government issued an amber Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) for India on 20 September. Those who plan to visit the country or already there should monitor the situation and exercise caution.
For more information, please visit the OTA webpage.

(Source: Security Bureau, Government of Hong Kong SAR 20 September 2010)


India: Dengue Fever [Update]

Delhi, India is currently experiencing the most significant outbreak of Dengue Fever recorded in recent years. Dehli reported 72 more dengue cases on 19 September, bringing the total number of cases to 2 296 with 5 deaths. Local hospitals are overloaded with dengue patients, and some hospitals are running out of medicines and intravenous fluids. The Municipal Corporation of Dehli expects the number of cases this year will cross the 2006 figure of 3 366. The Corporation has also found a high density of mosquito breeding in the south and central areas of the city.

Travellers to India should take the precautionary measures against mosquito bite by wearing long sleeved clothing and trousers, applying insect repellents containing DEET on the exposed parts of the body, and using mosquito screens or nets in rooms which are not air-conditioned.

(Source: ProMED-mail 15 September 2010 & The Times of India 19 September 2010)


Pakistan: Flooding [Update]

In Pakistan, the floods have killed almost 2 000 people and exposed more than 20 million people to homeless, malnutrition, risks of epidemics and loss of livelihood. A health crisis has been warned in Pakistan with 709 000 cases of acute diarrhea, almost 1 million cases of skin disease, more than 800 000 cases of acute respiratory infections and hundreds of thousands of Malaria and Dengue Fever that are spread by mosquitoes. In addition, the flood water is still moving from the north of Pakistan to southern provinces causing huge new emergencies. On 17 September, the eight breaches in the Manchhar lake embankment widened from 200 feet to 400 feet and water gushing from them was heading to Dal, Bubak, Pakka Channa and Sehwan areas after inundating 120 villages and 15 kilometres of the Indus Highway at Arazi.

Travellers to the affected areas should be on the alert for possible health hazards and take the following precautionary measures to prevent mosquito-borne diseases, as well as waterborne diseases.

(Source: DAWN Group of Newspapers 18 September 2010 & Agence France-Presse 19 September 2010)


Pakistan: Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever

In Pakistan, 5 cases of Crimean-Congo Haemorrhagic Fever with 2 deaths were reported in Karachi so far this year. Of the 5 patients, 2 have worked with livestock or livestock products.

(Source: ProMED-mail 17 September 2010)


Indonesia: Avian Influenza, human

In Indonesia, one suspected human case of H5N1 Avian Influenza was reported in West Kalimantan. The patient was a 9-year-old girl who had direct contact with birds before she developed symptoms. She was admitted to the hospital on 13 September and is now recovering.

(Source: ProMED-mail 16 September 2010)


France: Dengue Fever

On 13 September 2010, France reported the first confirmed case of locally acquired Dengue Fever. This is also the first local dengue case to be reported in mainland Europe since 1928. The patient lived in Nice of Southern France, developed symptoms on 23 August and has fully recovered. There was no history of international travel to dengue endemic areas before the onset of illness.

(Source: National Travel Health Network and Centre, UK 17 September 2010)


Philippines: Dengue Fever [Update]

As of August this year, Philippines reported 62 503 cases of Dengue Fever all over the country with 465 deaths. In the same period in 2009, cases reached only around half of the number of cases this year which is 33 102 with 350 deaths.
Furthermore, Cebu had recorded 5 571 dengue cases in the first 9 months of this year and this figure was 1 229 cases more compared to the same period last year.

(Source: ProMED-mail 13 and 15 September 2010)


Taiwan (Imported from Cambodia): Shigellosis

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control has reported an imported outbreak of Shigellosis. A life insurance company invited 140 staff to visit Siem Reap, Cambodia during 3-7 September 2010. Upon entry through Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on 7 September, quarantine officers found 7 members with fever and diarrhea. Investigation showed 4 infected with Shigella flexneri. Contact tracing of all members of the tour group found an additional 51 persons with symptoms.

(Source: ProMED-mail 14 September 2010)


Greece: West Nile Virus Infection [Update]

As of 16 September, Greece has confirmed 233 human cases of West Nile Virus Infection, including 24 deaths.

(Source: Hellenic Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Greece 17 September 2010 )


Russian Federation: West Nile Virus Infection [Update]

Russian Federation has reported 365 cases of West Nile Virus Infection with 5 deaths in the Volgograd region since mid-July until 14 September 2010. The number of patients grows by 10-20 people a day.

(Source: ProMED- mail 15 September 2010)


Romania: West Nile Virus Infection [Update]

As of 15 September, the Health Ministry of Romania reported 4 new cases of West Nile Virus Infection, bringing the total number of cases to 38 and 4 deaths. All people who died from the disease were aged over 60 and had chronic illnesses.

(Source: ProMED- mail 15 September 2010)


Tajikistan: Poliomyelitis [Update]

As of 10 September 2010, 456 confirmed cases of Poliomyelitis with 20 deaths were reported in Tajikistan. Of the confirmed cases, 69% were 5 years of age and younger, 19% were 6-14 years of age, and 12% were 15 years of age and older. The last confirmed case in Tajikistan had a date of onset on 4 July.

(Source: World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe 10 September 2010)


Russian Federation: Poliomyelitis [Update]

The Russia Federation has reported 12 confirmed cases of Poliomyelitis since the beginning of this year. The latest reported case was confirmed in a child aged 2 years in the Chechen Republic, with a date of onset on 10 August. The child has no history of vaccination against polio.

(Source: World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe 10 September 2010)


Turkmenistan: Poliomyelitis

As of 10 September 2010, Turkmenistan reported 3 confirmed cases of Poliomyelitis. All 3 confirmed cases were reported from Lebap oblast with a date of onset in June 2010.

(Source: World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe 10 September 2010)



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